Poetry and short story submissions

Shatuuwrites.com.ng will be open for poetry and short story submissions from September 21 to September 30 2019.

Poets whose work is accepted will have their poems (and links to their books and website) published on shatuuwrites.com.ng.
Two people will get PRICES OF 10K & 5K.

Just follow the rules…

The Rules

1. You may submit up to 2 poems or pieces

2. The poems may be of any length, and any style (although we highly discourage rhyming poems). The Flash Fiction pieces each must be under 400 words.

3. You may only submit once during this period. Choose your best work!

4. You MUST follow the following format rules. Submissions that do not follow these rules may not be considered.
a. Submissions must be in .doc or .docx format. (No “pages,” “txt” “pdf” or other formats.)
b. Your submissions must all be in a single document. In other words, if you submit 2 poems, they should all be in 1 document, not in 2 separate documents.
c. Pages must be numbered.
d. The first page, and only the first page, must contain your name, address, phone number, little information about you and email address. None of this identifying information should appear on any of the other pages.

5. Email your submissions to this email address only

6. Deadline is September 30, 2019, midnight. No entries will be considered after that date.

7. Our poetry editor will contact writers whose work has been accepted in due course.

So send us your poems!
Thank you, and we look forward to reading your work!

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