Entry 02 – The woman am becoming – Zubaida Musa Ibrahim

NAME: Musa Zubaida Ibrahim
ADDRESS: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Samaru Kaduna state
INFORMATION ABOUT ME: Am a 200 level student of Insurance in Business School, An entrepreneur, would choose books over alot of people, started writing poetry in my adult age when i went through a massive trauma, that’s when i realized my potentials in writing.


Sitting down with my journal and pen, I realized i am in a new chapter of my life, I realized it is now a different story, Of different characterization. Where I’m no longer a child. I’m not the kid who used to play all afternoon, I’m not the girl who smile and rests all day long, I’m not the lady who comes and goes to school. Busy with my playmates and dirt. Busy with my assignments and test. No, I’m not. I’m not anymore. I’m not the one who I used to be. A child who loves to wonder, Who loves to draw my dreams, Who loves to make fun of all things. Because today, I’m a grown woman. A woman who has to have a different perspective towards life and future, A woman who has to have strong personality in order to overcome trial and pressures, I have to be that woman who puts her family first than herself, Because she knows that she’s growing up while her parents are growing old. I have to be a woman who is selfless. For my siblings, to give their best, A friend to look up to, to look them as the best.


The cries and yellings, The unbearable pain that makes me wish for non existent, How i sleep with my pillows soaked with tears, How i watch my mates dance in the rain but i can’t, How every kid’s childhood got to be memorable because nothing snatched away their happiness, My own childhood memories got to be filled with drugs, injections and the hospital became my home, I just wished to have a normal life someday, where i won’t leave with the fear of having crisis, But i know i will heal sooner or later. to become the unexpected my family wishes for, Because i know am a warrior and a fighter! And yes behind that cracked face i never forgot to put on a smile

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