Entry 03 – the Untold Story- Ademiju Solomon

Name : Ademiju Solomon
Address: Governor’s Road off Ikotun Area, Lagos, Nigeria
About Me: Ademiju Solomon is a young talented writer who derives pleasure in passing his messages across through the use of his ever dancing pen. He is a Nurse by profession and an advocate of good governance for all. He is also a young entrepreneur who aspires to make the Forbes list of young entrepreneur some days soon.

Fiction : The Untold Story

You met victor during your 100level days in the university, as a young matriculant, you were energetic and full of life. You had gone to a friend’s birthday bash when you burp into this cute and charming guy who never showed interest in blaming you for mistakenly pouring your drink on his expensive clothe while you were busy chatting your ass out with a friend at the bar man stand. You wet his clothe and he never said a word or showed any form of anger or embarrassment but instead he smiled back at you patting your back that every thing is okay and you couldn’t get your eyes off him throughout the party.

Days went by and weeks followed, you kept checking up all guys on campus to see if anyone of them looks like your crush but you never saw him again not until when you saw his pics on Instagram with a bunch of friends cruising at the beach. You were so engrossed with his Instagram post and you two soon became good friends on social media before sealing your friendship with a first date at one of the nicest restaurant in lekki. He was every Lady’s dream as he is fulfilled in all his life endeavors and you had thought you are the only thing left to make his life complete.

Your love story was the perfect love story every lucky girl would always dream of, the forehead kiss, the passionate and deep conversations and the loving make up sex were experiences you couldn’t wave away without taking a glance back. He had promised to make your 21st birthday celebration the best you had ever celebrated and you believed him because he was a man of his words. He planned everything to your taste and expectations but it was suppose to be a surprise even after having a little disagreement with him two days before the big day he never relent on his promise to put a flawless smile on your face on your big day.

You called his number the following day after waiting to no avail of his loving text message on your birthday with the aim of ranting at him for putting your conflict before your relationship and not wishing you a happy birthday on your new journey to another year only to be told that he died the night before of vaso occlusive crisis resulting from his sickle cell status. He never told you the story behind his health status and left without giving you the perfect birthday gift he promised.
Ademiju Solomon ©

Poem – Black Race

Great is the colour of my skin amidst all races
Great is the black race,the pioneer of many liberation in the world
Black race never take the back seat
Upon the struggle of our liberators
And the diligence of all die- hard Africans
Humanity has supersede our differences

Though corruption and unrighteousness seems to invade our continent,
But some noble souls and distinctive humanity are still in existence
They make things auspicious believing that our skin color is for a reason
Mandela spent 27 years in prison to free a fellow black man from slavery
Upon the altar of civil liberty was the blood of Abiola spilled

Long before the cock crew, Africans have crowed
Giants have passed through the corridors of greatness leading to successful destinations
Our mothers have raised impeccable creatures who are future of our race
The black man is blessed with diligence and hard work
And our cultural diversity remains our strength.

Ademiju Solomon ©

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One thought on “Entry 03 – the Untold Story- Ademiju Solomon

  1. Dear people of varying colours,
    From the depth of where my essence lies, I’d like you to know and believe that a person is more than the colour of his/her skin.
    It’s apparent and you’ll see only if you’ll care to take a closer look.

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