Entry 04 – Muthaphuli Tshifhiwa

Name: Muthaphuli Tshifhiwa
Address: P.o.Box 2448

I am a 19 year old female from South Africa. My childhood was quite amazing despite the bullying I endured. It later on became a problem because it escalated to a point where I couldn’t cope with it. Poetry became my therapy, I wrote about everything I felt, thought and wanted.It saved my life.


It’s 1940 A place called Bosnia and Herzegovina My name means well born
I am Gina
I slurs when I am about to fight for myself I cringe when I view a reflection Laugh the loudest at the least funniest Remarks makes me uncomfortable While stares intrigue me
I’m married To a man Out and about the streets of Bosnia Fighting the flutes and gilts of Herzegovina That’s what I know What I would love to believe He calls once upon a time Or so I thought I call for his mind daily I always wonder through the four rings (Ring…) Does he want to talk to me? (Ring…) Is he excited to see my name on the screen? (Ring…) Am I wasting my time mother? (Ring…) ………. Maybe I should try again Like I always do Maybe he has a lot on his hands Like the problems of the world State’s economy? (Ring…) My stomach flips (Ring…) Okay maybe I shouldn’t have I should have kept him as a memory Should have stick to baking beans All I wanted to say was… “Hello” Why doesn’t he sound excited I can hear him heavy breath Maybe he just had a nightmare Or ……… No he possibly can’t Not the man who took out my corset in a swift movement No He is faithful Right mother?

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One thought on “Entry 04 – Muthaphuli Tshifhiwa

  1. I’m crossing my fingers. The thought would always aim at pulverizing one’s heart. But, we’re alive right? Let’s wait for time to uncover it’s secrets.

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