Entry 07 – Inconsolable – Auwal Idris Shanono

Name: Auwal Idris Shanono.
Address: 109 wailari, na’ibawa, kano state
Info: i am a 300level pharmacy student of Usmanu danfodio university, sokoto. Love spoken words and poetry alot.


When ever I raised my pen to write a poem,
Every thought that comes to mind is yours,
You are my stolen nights and my sun kissed smile,
You are my pale moon that give me strength,
Strenght in the sense that If tongues could write a poem,
Then every word I tend to speak will be your name,
Your name and voice I eager to hear everyday,
But you left me standing in a hole,
Turning all my emotions into mole,
Feeling all hollow and left like a sole,
You left me without a purpose nor a goal,
Except an empty dream, like a life without a soul,
I want to cry but the tears are no more,
Lost in the dark and the light was so dim,
I move around with a smile that didn’t reach my eyes,
I am just looking for a way to remove the rage,
It is only then that I realized that I am nothing but an empty void,
That lost all desire to want to love again.


The queen slayer

*My world is so bright and cool,
*I can’t stop thinking of that pretty,
*If you don’t believe in beauty,
*Come and see my tweenky pinky,
*Her skin so flexible, gentle and smoothy,
*Her eyes like an ocean of innocence,
*Her pointed nose makes her look like the Arabs,
*What a small mouth she gets which matches her cute face,

*I saw her during the 9t, brighter and hot she will always be,
*When she is moving around other girls,
*Is like a queen bee around her subordinate bees,
*She is wearing a light black silk cotton,
*Which fits her slim nice perfect body,
*The pointed shoe she wears added to her tasty,
*These makes her look more gorgeous than the native,
*The perfume she wears attract almost every man attention,

*She is just as fantastic as how she look,
*When she speaks,she take the mental focus of every living being ,
Back to her speech, because her voice was sweater than honey,and edged a nightingale,
*The world will be useless without these princess of beauty,
* To me she is beyond princess and queen,
*But an angel in the land of the living..


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