Entry 08 – Dreams – Ahmerd shafa

NAME: Ahmerd Shafa
ADDRESS: House No 11 Okeliwe street,Mando, kaduna state.
ABOUT ME: Am an Abusite, A semi finalist from Biochemistry department. Am a season writer with so many poems upstairs that my pen knows nothing about.


Dream Oh Dream
Be you fictitious or non fictitious
Is there any fictitious dream?
Yeah, we don’t act towards it to make it a dream come true,
That’s why its fictitious.
My dreams are so big that the world is minuscule to my dreams.
I don’t even dream at night, I wonder how these dreams are imagined?
Ok, I imagined them with my eyes wide open,
When my heart is bitter,
When my strength fades away and tears roll down my wide open eyes with no blink,
And finally when I can’t do anything to help the situation, this is how I dream.
And my today’s dream goes thus; ………………………………………………………
You can pause and imagine your dreams just like me, that’s your space to insert your dream.
I will be waiting for all your dreams.
Back to my dream,
I have a dream!
That one day I will be an orator where I will speak to a crowd even if I have a shivery voice, even if I have shaky hands and legs,
I want my voice to be heard loud , I want to be an impact to the world at large , I want to be a dream myself.
Just like I have my muse too.
I have a dream!!
Greater than that of Martin Luther King jr and am Shafa jr too, so we have something in common and our difference is just he has achieved his dreams and am yet to achieve mine.
I have a dream!!!
That every reader that come across this piece will walk towards his dreams even if mine are very heavy for my heart to carry.
My dreams are not just dreams,
They have been realised by my heart and my pen and stored only for myself and my dairy.
You have your dreams, achieve them
Don’t be like me with a fictitious dreams, smiles.
Maybe this piece is a step, who knows?
Am off for another dream.
Pen off.


I thought we were friends!
But maybe my thoughts failed me.
Am I really enchanted by your whole self or am I enchanted by you been an enchantress?
The magical spell your glowing face cast upon me anytime I see you.
I thought we were friends!!
Am bitterly heartbroken not knowing the right words to welcome you with anytime I meet you.
Not even knowing the steps to take make my heart cry,
You not knowing am bittered just been a friend kills me more.
I thought we were friends!!!
Yes we are friends and I want more than friendship,
I want to walk down the streets like a fool smiling and laughing all by myself because I have been enchanted by a rare enchantress.
I want to wake up to your missed calls and morning texts.
I want to live like a baby that knows no life worries because with you been more than a friend to me, my dreams are fulfilled.
Now that we are more than friends let’s make the world jealous .
Finally its a bitter love,
I woke up to a lucid illusion that all were just imagination,
A bittered love and dream that can’t be accomplished,
Because I don’t even know the enchantress and am left bittered.

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8 thoughts on “Entry 08 – Dreams – Ahmerd shafa

  1. I have read novels , journals , great speeches but I have never a poem so nice like these ones , keep ur shoulders up shafa jnr n d sky will be ur limit .

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