Entry 09 – Our fears due too Iyinsioluwa Ojo

My name is Iyinsioluwa Ojo.
Address : hainan, haikou, china.
I am a student at hainan medical university china. I am a christain. I was born April 28, 1998 into the family of My and Mrs Ojo.

our fears die too

A knotted rope
dangles in front of her
like the fiercy wind waves

She looks at me
With darkness in her eyes
a carbon copy of myself

I utter words in pain
as peace rode on hope
a die hard death for freedom

I starved her
chocked out every bit of air
she gave in to depression
her only hope is suicide.

A carbon copy of myself
my fears died before me, with creeping darkness

This is us

words of hope, though fading,
echo through a tabernacle of faith
set with a tranquil pinnacle
that points heavenward, onto tomorrow.

there’s the whirlwind that
billows around the arches
of a strengthless man
that dreams can’t subdue.

and then, the child with deficiency
holding onto the wheels of will,
caged by sickled erythrocytes
that’d reaped unnumbered bushels of distress,

is an uncut parcel of those whose lives
are threatened like a great warrior
that draws both sword and last breath,
knowing tomorrow comes (to) on wings of risks,
when the sun kisses the moon goodbye
the night a new crisis is birthed.

In the Herbalist’s Earthenware

In the coven’s cabinet lives a pot,
beautiful to behold yet, never hides a rust,
a mirror to see the future,
ruining a life is it’s feature,
speaking incatations into it is a jackpot.

A three distinctive trangles gives off smoke,
pleading and casting curses for a yoke,
praying into her holes –
calls her power in a whole,
as their voices echoes with no joke.

The coven’s cabinet held her hostage,
she fed them fat with her own image,
burnt to the ground new works
without a match stick’s walk.
She conceived the great wicked damage.

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