Entry 11 – Hira siddiqui

Name: Hira Siddiqui
Address : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
About me: I’m 20 years old young writer, trying to understand a world and threading my
emotions and thoughts into poetries..


I don’t know what my heart beats for..
Maybe it’s you,
Or the love that once you poured..
For the days when you were around
Or the nights when I missed you till the dawn,
For the times that we spent together counting the stars
Or the warmth that you showed me from the world afar,
For the magic of your eyes
Or For the illusion of your soul,
For your presence like an ocean breeze
Or the secrecy of your whole..
Can’t pass the sea, can’t reach the shore
I don’t know what my heart beats for..
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The sound of heartbreaks.!!
It is eerily devastating that there is no sound when a heart breaks..
The thunder comes with Peal, things crash with a Bang, the falling ends with a Thud, even
the wind makes sounds..
But the sound of heartbreak, it is completely silent..
When heart breaks, it shatters into darkness with no sound..
Sometimes it’s broken pieces screams in silence, And sometimes silence screams in it..
But no one hears the loudest sound on earth, that pains every inch of your soul..
You can hear your heartbeat in this colourful world yet it is surrounded by darkness only you
can feel..
If only one can hear the sound when heart breaks and every bit of your soul is broken into
million pieces, i bet no one will ever dare to break a heart so easily..
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