Entry 12 – Blazing hearts – Eric Elisha Chidawa

Name of poet: Eric Elisha Chidawa.
Address: Aviation quaters Nigerian Air force Base Kaduna.

I hail from kaduna state. I am a student of English and literary studies in Umaru Musa Yar’addua University Katsina. My poems are breath out of my experiences in life and the society at large.

Blazing hearts

We rose like smoke,
From the suckling of firewood,
To set ablaze that which has
Been ordained,
By the supreme abstract.
For our specie,
We were like water and fire,
But toyed with,
To become ice to one another,
To cool the temperature of the blood tank.

Gradually it arose,
And voyaged us astray,
In a world of betray.

I wonder why mother!!!
Youu don’t agree to our stars,
What have we done?
To secure such great parenting love,
Showered upon chicks by the mother hen.

We have been victimized,
As our bond cannot be seen,
As that which is ordained,
By the greatest abstract.

Why! Why!! Why!!!
Do you lease to be the water,
That will quench our desire,
Of forever lighting the path,
To our unseen destination,
The land,
Where our sacred bond has,
Been ordained to take us,
Because can I not live,
Without her,
She is my all.

Why!!! Mother,
When will we be full-blown,
In your water balls,
To have our say,
About our dreams and aspirations,
Love is like rain which does not choose the grass,
On which it falls.
I love her,
She loves me,
That is all that matter,
For a happy burning,
Of the candle passed down,
To lighten the castle of love,
Designed for me and her.

Love experience

Down the slope,
With banks of sweet sorrowful
Tied around the vine with a string,
Tossing through with joyful pleasures,
Orchestrated from the apple shape,
Sunk in the internals of the spirit basement.
Increase decrease with grease,
Flooding my the stream’s straws,
Edifying a nectar,
Of treasures untold,
To the sweetness of my heart,
In far short distant time.

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