Entry 13 – You deserve – Magana Abdulmujeeb

NAME: Magana Abdulmujeeb Muhammad
Address: ABU Zaria.
About me: I’m a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I’m studying Quantity Surveying, I’m partially a poet, I write for fun.


You deserve someone better,
You deserve a better life,
You deserve all the love you’ve ever wished for,
You deserve someone who is always around,
Someone who always listen,
Someone who creates time for you,
Someone who you can always face you fears with.

You deserve someone who is willing to free even a minute out of their day,
Only to to listen to you,
Only to provide all the support and love you need.

You deserve to be someone’s butterfly,
Someone always happy to see you fly higher,
Always happy to see you fall on their shoulder.

You deserve someone who wants to listen to all your interests,
Someone who makes sure you explore the world just to achieve it.

You deserve someone who would make you happy,
Like a lost pet that just found a new home

You deserve someone who doesn’t let you fight your inner fear alone
You deserve a lot.


The moon was shining bright,
The stars were all over,
Forming your name all over.

You turned and looked at me,
With your precious look and gorgeous smile,
Your eyes filled with joy and happiness,
Our thoughts both running wild.

You held my hand so tight,
Matching my fingers with yours,
A silent breeze blowing around us,
As you whisper a lot of wonderful things through my ears.

I’ve never seen so much gorgeousness,
As that of your skin under the moon,
Every moment felt new,
In the cool, amazing, beautiful night.

But as the sun rose,
I turned and you were nowhere to be found,
Then I quickly realized,
That it was just a dream.

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