Entry 14 – Beautiful – Gere Ochuko

NAME: Gere Ochuko
ADDRESS: Along DSC-Mofor express road, Opete, Ughelli South, Delta State.
LITTLE INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I am an ambivert, writer and wannabe poet.


The unusual wonder we see
laws of nature ruling
Clauses obeyed for sanity
You don’t compare

The night sky glowing
Stars shining
Clouds filled with rainbow
You are splendid

The rain drenched facades
Truth revealed
Bare for all to see
You are amazing

The scented rosy petals
A field of white lilies
Beauty like no other
You are beautiful


The redolent of flowers remind me

Of the red roses stall
our eyes met
and time froze

Of the first time
we kissed and
the enchanted ambiance

Of the favorite song
we danced to
like a broken record

Of the chocolate chip
stuck to your lips
on our date

Of the fierce red gown
above your knee
clinging to your curves

Of the color of your lips
plump and plucky
perfect against mine

Of the decision to have you
against all odds
for a lifetime together

Of our dance under the rain
with a vow
never to let go

Of my words echo
in your heart
I found you

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