Entry 15 – The conversation between god’s – Yusuf Hassan Abdullahi

Name : Yusuf Hassan Abdullahi
Address : No 17, Slaughter road Aduwawa off Benin-Auchi road,
Benin city, Edo State

Bio: I live in Benin city, where i was born by a Chadian father
And a Togolese Mother. Currently i’m not in school yet.
I work at a Cattle market in my city.
I use the pen name, Bedouin

The conversation between god’s

1.There is a place in a cave
In an open space under the sea
Above the clouds, before
The moon, before the sun
Where gods do meet

2. When the sun rises on earth
One by one the gods fall
To depth of a long slumber
And when the sun sets,
They wake up, mildly inebriated

3. They assemble under a palm tree
They drink wine and break kola nut
One day they talked about women
With thunderous hips
SANGO laughed and said
” yet they call me god of thunder ”

4. OBÁTÁLÁ said in a slurred speech
” they call me the sky father, yet
I’ve being wandering in the skies
Searching for heaven, for me
And for yemoja my wife”

5. GUENO and NEDDO lamented
” men do not know that we love
Women, we fear thunder storms
We fear draughts and fall in love”

6. And when it was time to sleep
ORUNMILA said ” divinity is not ours,
Divinity was never ours ”

Bedouin// The conversation between gods

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