Entry 22 : Galadima Musa Abigail

Name: Galadima Musa Abigail
Bio: A 200level Student of the
University of Abuja-studying
English and literary studies..


When I first met him, I saw a new
World and a new home in him
Begging to be created;
My ego what we girls referred to as
“Dignity” was such a powerful force
That wasn’t willing to Succumb
But when I looked into his eyes I
Saw blazing fire only I could quench
So I lingered on, the Prince
Charming had arrived.

See, when he spoke to me
…to him his voice was Cracky and
Shaky, to me it was the best melody
I’ve ever heard it echoed inside my
Head vanquishing all my fears.

Getting acquainted with him was
Like making friends with the devil
He was the devil in me and the
Angel sent to me imagine meeting
Someone who reminded you so
Much of yourself, it was a magnet do

Our DNA was one
Our hearts said the unsaid things
Absolute normal felt boring, crazy
And weird was dope.
The exuberance of the our love was
Like children playing under the rain.

See, when we first kissed
I felt cold shivers running down my
Spine, OMG! I was flying into mount
Olympus, traveling into the land of
His breath, the smell of his
Masculinity was like liquor in my
Body, it intoxicated me suffocating
Me with its fragrance, it was the
Prettiest scent I’ve ever scented
The moisture of his lips was sweeter
Than honey.

My bosom to him was the safest
Place to be until I became all shady
And dark, I fell amidst poisonous
Flowers and was engulfed with my
Crave… I was his happiness and
And his nightmare, I was his
Strength and his weakness
I was too blind to see what a monster
I had become, our innocence
suffered and broke into pieces of
pains. I guess he made
A movie of us in his head, a movie
That never ended but he was sure if
It was a romantic or horror movie.

It ached his heart to see his Precious
“Baby” becoming a path strangers
Took and made abode
He learned Using shades
So it didn’t ache no more .

Love found us when we were not
Ready, so it got broken and shattered
It is still breaking and shattering
It will continue breaking and
Shattering Until there’s no such
Words as “broken and shattered”

His love was however strong enough
To make me see I fire I never saw
It showed me a light with no bulb
Or beam, he brought me a star not yet
In the sky. We were a dream not
Realized, we lost ourselves trying to
Find ourselves.

Pained me to let go
My king’s peace of mind was his one
True love(but was it his fault)..
My loyalty was his until death does
Me apart.

I used to be a lost home
He’s now the lost home.
Is my love strong enough to bring him
Back home, is my light bright enough
To lead him home or will he forever
Make abode in a foreign land?
If I have it all again I won’t expect you
I will magnify my flaws.

Ours was a star cross…

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