Entry 23 – Adigun Aderonke Odunayo

Adigun Aderonke Odunayo

No 48, Sarah danladi street, jikwoyi, Abuja.

About me:
I am a 300 level student of microbiology in the university of Abuja. I write short stories and poetry and post them on my blog. Here’s a link to the blog; www.aderonkewithin.home.blog


This will never happen again
Vulnerability is not a good colour on you
You will not let anyone
Walk into you
And through you
You’re not the Louvre
With opening and closing hours
You’re not a vacation
You are a home.
I want to go deeper
Into the spark of magic inside of you
That ember that makes you woman
That forge long dormant
And I want to fan that flame
Until it burns so bright
That it shatters this cage
And it’s glass ceiling.

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