Entry 24 – African beauty – Emmanuel Ayim

Full name : Emmanuel Ayim
Address : Phase one, police barrack, along University of Abuja mini campus road, Gwagwalada, Abuja.

Emmanuel Ayim hails from ogoja local government of Cross river state, who currently is an undergraduate finalist at the University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria, studying biology.
Growing up, he always had flare for combining words to make beautiful write-ups, and probably that nurtured his love for poetry when he discovered the art. In 2017 he started poetry and spoken word, as his majors (though he is a prolific writer of other forms of writing) and made his debut recorded piece titled “my story”. He has performed in concerts and slams, coming out with encouraging feedback from the audience and judges. Today he is a passionate spoken word artist, poet and writer who is rapidly growing in the art.


The skin of an African woman is like heaven.
The fair ones are blend of gold and brightness that shows artful aesthetics, oozing beauty and elegance, showing the handwork of a sacred creator.
Reflections of eternal beauty, the ripple effect of a creator’s splendor,
commanding all and sundry to adoration.
The ones that pop melanin, they are God’s art work coloured in black ink. The chocolate colouration that a creator figured out to be the gold coat on the living hourglass figured into eight.
Black is bold, black is tough.
It can’t be said enough,
this skin reflects unbroken spine upon which children has mounted.
Those black nipples reflects the benevolence of a kind mother.
Black is beautiful, black is dutiful to climb the staircase of hardwork to obtain ground breaking success that will sweep you off your feet,
dutiful enough to pilot diligence to make stars out of people with scars.
This colour reflects hardwork that will slim fit you into the first place in the world, like the world of Abgani Darego.
Here is a colour on the skin that is a perfect beauty home of comfort that houses intelligence, strength and wisdom.
Whether dark or fair, they come together like a masterpiece of mosaic, pieces together by factors such as Love, care, industry, respect and everything that defines womanhood.
So dear black,
when you go painting your world in your own colours, I hope you remember that second to none, black is beautiful.


Let us rid this animal, it’s not a vegan, it pounces on anything that would make it fold it’s sleeve and make a fist.
Though most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?
Among these “most men” are many who cloak the beast that is let loose in their home, with a superficial perfect attitude.
It’s a pity that they throw fist on their wives as if it’s a party, and painfully these unwanted trophies are received on the altar of marriage from the other end.
A Man who should be making history in the news is giving punch to his wife, and he expect her to daily trust him?
You this animalistic mayweather, you’ve turned the colour of her face to that looking like the sun, red hot.
Hold on man!
this isn’t about punchline, I want you to see the lines your punches have drawn, of battle.
I want you to see the gongs of war that you’re beating, In my mind it rattles.
When you should make her have tears of joy,
you’re giving her swelled up jaw.
You should be feeding her with happiness she enjoys,
but no, you treat her like she’s one of your toys.

The strength of a man is not seen in his fist or when he has an erection,
but the ability to take trash from people’s mouth into the recycle bin of his mind and still offer to help them.
It’s not like the strong ones are not yet born, but the weak ones don’t want to be strong.
Hey man!
The next time your fingers want to like a bankrupt firm fold,
Please place your emotion on a hold
and hear the whisper of your conscience;
“you’re better than this!”
In following that voice lies true strength.

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