Entry 25 – The artrium Attached – Ummul – Khair Bello


A Graduate FROM AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ,ZARIA.DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIES where I earned my BA ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIES. Currently undergoing the youth service corp at Daily Trust Kano, Who is passionate about writing and appreciates artistic works. Also a freelance writer in all context.


In the ravishing ecstasy of the lonely soul
In the unbounding of my lips and his
In the untold story of our tale
In the undying pledges of our promises
In the sweet morning breeze
In the untained presence of the sun
In the undeniable covering of the stars

You call your heart an organ, I call it home
You call your soul abstract, I call it an entity
You call your skin a cover, I call it pearl
You call your smile an act, I call it a cure
You see me with your eyes, I call them diamonds
You call my name khayr, I call it submissive
You call your absence nothing , I call it death
You call your touch nothing, I call it soft

My aspirations wrapped with hope
Mine is to cherish and protect
For your love I keep within
If anyone were to kiss my lips
If anyone were to guess my cologne
If anyone were to;
They would figure out your name.


I have a dream that one day I’ll have a dream like martin luther king jnr’s.
I have a dream that one day I will wake up in a Nigeria without bloodshed.
I have a dream that one day my children in the north will sing again, my sons from the south will dance.
My children from the east and west will beat the drums of joy and happiness.
I have a dream that one day I will live in a Nigeria that the economy would not be crying.
I have a dream that one day I will live in a Nigeria that the social status quo would not be differentiated.
I have a dream that one day my Nigeria would not be barren.
I might have reached my menopause of existence, but I have a dream, I have a hope.
I have a prayer that my sons and daughters will rise against political injustice and economic enslavement.
I , their mother NIGERIA, have that dream.


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