Entry 26 – broken but strong willed – Gabriel Ayim

Full name : Gabriel Ayim
Address : Phase one, along University of Abuja mini campus road, Gwagwalada, Abuja.

I’m an Abuja resident and currently a university applicant, seeking to study civil engineering, in university of Abuja. I love writing, especially fictions, I started writing, since my junior high days and has kept the passion strong. Today I’m a passionate writer who is
greatly growing.


The stars were bright and constellation was smiling, it was about to be the dawn of the unprecedented when he paced around the balcony adjacent his room. After a while, seeing the moon hung directly above his head in the celestial plain, he taught it needful to retire to his room.

It was exactly 12.15 am, the place was ghost-quiet, he paced around his bedside with hands akimbo, air filled up in his jaw and allowed to exude in a silent rush as the pent up pain kept him awake. He sat and stood intermittently – his buttocks couldn’t have peace with his matrass. The racing thoughts in his mind seemed to be controlling his entire body.
No! he yelled. Just as he tried to utter the words of grief his gesticulations showed, he heard bangs on the door.
“Who could be knocking at such an odd hour?” he thought to himself and stood quiet to hear if the knock would be persistent. Again, the bangs came, this time, with much intensity, and accompanied by a voice, “we are not far into the night, your sleep should not be deep yet, why not open up”. The voice seemed to be a familiar one but at the same time hazy. “Please, Who are you, and why knock now that men have no business with the door?” he asked. The voice from outside retorted, “don’t tell me this voice sounds strange to your eardrums”.
This time, the voice sounded clear enough, and he picked the Igbo accent in the voice.
“Oh! Marvelous Menka, it’s you. He quickly reached for the door and hurriedly ushered him into his living room.
“There is fire on the mountain, What the mouth can’t utter has finally been seen by the eyes” he groused. “Please speak in plain terms” Menka sharply retorted, in a bid to grasp what he was concerned about.
“It’s my daughter! Menka, the precious flower kept for the expected stranger has been plucked by another undeserving stranger” with folded arms and head decked he yelled “chai.”
Menka gave him a peering look like a child trying to count the stars of the sky and forthrightly said, “it’s obvious whatever has caused you this shock has also sealed your lips from uttering same. Anyways, to the reason why I came to you at such odd hour, my friend, I guess a whole lot of unfortunate circumstances betide you, but please and please save me. Your friend is dying, I’ve not eaten since morning, I had to swallow my pride and come to you. You know they say; a hungry man is not ashamed to do what will drive hunger away.” the room was quiet for a couple of seconds and finally broken by his reply, “you know me well, my hands are crafted with benevolence, my heart oozes kindness and by my friends I’m considered Dr. of good will, you know all these, why beg me to share my blessing with you? Just make your request and see them granted. Please ask what you need so that I can quickly have them provided and continue wallowing in my sorrow.” Menka was stupefied and speechless not knowing whether to be the help his friend needs at that time or to get help for himself first. He quietly walked into the kitchen and took bread that had been cut into slices along with some butter and appeased his churning stomach.

At this time, the time was 40 minutes past midnight, Menka keenly opened his heart to every word his friend spoke, to every of his vent, and the emotion poured with words. Nary a word came from Menka but tears while they both sat on a couch in his living room. He managed to say a few words of wisdom to his friend, and that gave him courage and pacified his inner turbulence.

The next day, few minutes to noon on that day that seemed not to be too fateful, Ashley alighted from a cab to enter the only place she considerd home. On sighting her daughter, Mr. Amo with tears in his eyes reached to her with an embrace and collected her luggage to enable her carry herself and the baby growing inside of her. Ashley tried to explain, “Dad, I know I promised you…” “shh… let’s go inside, we will talk about it after you are refreshed, I know you must be famished and weary.” Mr. Amo interfered. An hour after her arrival, haven refreshed, Ashley recounted her ordeal in University of Calabar where she is a fresher, studying mass communication.
It was a cold dusk when I traipsed a lonely byway that led from my lecture hall to my hostel all alone. Suddenly, from behind, two strong boys besieged me, and overpowered me after a short struggle. I was raped dad. My pride was stolen even as a genuine Christian lady on campus. I must say prestissimo that every virtue you taught me from the Bible, I upheld on campus. But the devil had other plans. I was transfixed after the incidence, and taught about the shame that I will face if I become pregnant, then I made a decision that if I get pregnant, I would abort it without letting no one know about it, because I wanted not to fail you and others that had high hopes in me. Just as I told you over the phone, few days later, those that raped me were caught and they confessed that it was a lecturer that paid them to do it, the same lecturer that has been demanding for sex before he can correct the failure he gave me on an examination in one of his courses which I wrote very well. The school authority swung into action on hearing this. The said lecturer was retrenched and the rapists were apprehended and detained.
I’m pregnant and I’m very much aware this would have a great impact on my education, but i’ve decided to keep the child and face whatever I have to, if it seems men will not be too happy with my decision, it doesn’t bother me much, but if God is happy with it, that’s all that matters. Sorry I told you I was going to get rid of the child before I come home, I was too bitter about how the child came. I realised that the shame I might go through can’t be compared to the hatred the creator of that child would have for me if I kill his creature.
Her dad looked at her and spoke with a calm voice, “I’m on God’s side too”.

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