Entry 30 – Idris Abubakar

Kundilah, Zaria Road, Kano.

Idris Abubakar

sometimes a writer… other times a poet.

She does her best to bring out the best in him without trying to change who he really is. Beautiful in her own way. Playful and intelligent. Obedient and supportive. She hardly asks for much and is mostly contented with whatever he brings. She had a lovely smile, one that usually made him hurry back home from the office. Prayerful, she cooks far better than any other he’s ever tasted. Always outside the door to welcome him back home with open arms, and trying her best to be a perfect other half.
That was his wife

She had eyes that could look straight into the depth of his soul so he avoided her stares anytime he could. A cute nose perfectly placed above a pair of succulent lips, always garnished with a candy-red lipstick, and a skirt a little bit shorter than the regular office wear, to display her perfect legs, from her thigh down, while she keeps dropping stuff on purpose and picking them up just to attract his attention.
That was his new secretary

He was a successful, young, good-looking gentleman who has been through a lot in life. A good heart, always going out of his way to help others. It doesn’t matter if they were friends or strangers. He lost his parents at an age so tender. He grew up in a foster home. He fought his way through child labour and emotional abuse. One of the best in school. Too good for an end-result of a child with no parents. No home, no mentors or role models so he followed wherever the streets led till he made a home for himself. Loved his wife dearly, with every bit of his breath. Married for four years now, but no child yet.

His joy came from the smile on his wife’s face. Always did everything he could to keep the smile on her face, and teaching her to keep a strong faith. He was what most women believe to be the perfect husband, and he does his best to help with chores around the compound.
That was him

He woke up in the midnight with sweat beads dripping from his face, as if from a nightmare. He wondered to himself “how can this girl be the subject of my dreams for three nights in a row? Lord please let this dreams end like this.” He catches himself occasionally thinking about the total stranger as she slowly occupied his mental space. Always going around with pictures of his wife to distract him from those foreign thoughts. He started skipping work till he was called and queried. He used his health as an excuse, but she got an excuse to call and send him texts to ask for his health and show him extra care. But he ignored her each time thinking that would discourage her.

She goes home every day thinking she didn’t try hard enough to get his attention so she tries harder every day after, looking for every other excuse to be alone with him. From bringing him files and arranging his shelves, to bringing him coffee. He wanted to speak to her about her indecent dressing, but didn’t want her to know that he even noticed.

His wife started to feel some changes in his attitude so she thought, “it might be too much stress from work”, so she tries as much as she can to calm him down and treat him with more respect. He looks at her with a dishonest smile and pain in his conscience, for the fact that he was letting another strange woman seep into his thoughts. He’s had several opportunities to cheat but wasn’t that kind of man, but there’s something about this particular one he just couldn’t wrap his head around. “Could it be true what they say? that every man has the tendency to cheat at least once in his lifetime?” he thought to himself.

He sat down in his garden one fateful night of probably the worst day of his life, full of pain, replaying the day’s ordeal in his head, how she came into his office to drop some files he requested for so he could have them ready on his table for the next morning as office hours is almost over. She didn’t leave immediately so he raised up his head to ask if there was anything else, but he noticed she took off the jacket she wore on top of her extremely see-through shirt. Her response was “God! you such a good man. Too good it has turned you so blind you can’t even see what’s going on in front of you and what’s being offered to you. Then she moved closer and whispered in his left ear “or maybe you just pretending.” In utter confusion, he wondered what gave her the guts to speak to him in such manner, but he remained calm and asked her to explain what she just said. She responded with “don’t worry I have a surprise for you, but here’s a clue, its about time you know, I have feelings for you. Feelings so deep they’re starting to take the place of blood in my veins,” “Well I’m married and you know it. You’ve seen my wife come in here a couple of times,” he quickly interrupted as things are beginning to get intense. “Do cut this marriage crap,” she said in a very calm manner, “we both know she doesn’t possess the assets I’ve got. You know I was built for a man like you, just give me a chance to show you… Look, I really want you and I know you want me too. I see what’s hidden when I look inside your eyes.” He said” well you wrong this time, for I only have eyes for my wife, so let’s just pretend non of this ever happened.” He checked his watch and it was way past closing hour, there’s no one around, except for the security and the cleaner. He shut down the computer and turned off his air condition. He said” it’s time for me to take my leave and I think you should too, so kindly shut the door behind you whenever you decide to go.” As he was about to walk past her, she stood on his way, then slowly moved back towards the door. She shut the door and dropped the keys inside her skirt so he won’t think of reaching it. That moment, he knew he was in for a much longer day. He thought to forcefully retrieve his keys from her but she threatened to scream and attract attention that will surely ruin his life. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly in a way that even pictures in a painting would stretch their necks in an attempt to see what’s next. He couldn’t take it anymore so he backed into his office bathroom and locked himself in, hoping she would get bored and leave eventually. But in the process, he forgot that the door key she took also consists of a bathroom key. She slowly opened the door with the key already naked from head to waist before she finally decided to let her skirt drop. Things got heated and more intense. He couldn’t resist any longer for on this day, she doubled the dose of aphrodisiac she normally laces his coffee with.

He seemed to have forgotten about their wedding anniversary where his wife always comes to the office immediately after closing hours, to surprise him with gifts and celebrate their anniversary. Though she ran a bit late due to traffic, but still found her way after the mini shopping she usually does for her hubby. She went straight to his office and knocked on the door, which was ‘miraculously’ unlocked. She opened the door and went in. She heard strange sounds from the bathroom and rushed to open the door, thinking her husband was once again suffering from his asthma attack. She collapsed to her knees from the scene she ran into. He became frozen from shock and short of words. There was no explanation for this… Only blames on the devil and hopes to be forgiven. The secretary picked up her stuff and majestically walked out with no remorse, victory was hers at last. He broke down in front of his wife full of regrets, lacking proper words to ask for forgiveness. But with pain in her heart, and tears in her eyes, she barely uttered “at least now we’re even”.

She left all the stuff she bought for their anniversary on his office desk and drove back home alone. She parked her car and sat back for a while, with a lot of things running through her mind. Few minutes later, she opened the door with her set of keys and headed into the house to pack up some things. It was 11pm and she called her mom to let her know she was coming home. She ignored even though her mom insisted on knowing why she wanted to come home that late. She continued packing up in a hurry so she could leave before her husband gets home. She left him a note on his favourite couch…
“Don’t bother looking for me, I can’t even stand being under the same roof with you right now, and I don’t know if I ever will. I can’t even look at you. You’ve caused my heart so much pain it will take a miracle for me to survive this, so don’t call me, don’t text me, and don’t come looking for me.” She wrote, as tears blurred some words while they continuously dropped.
She hurried back to her car, got in and drove off all to the amazement of Musa who wouldn’t dare to ask any questions. Musa has been the security/gateman for seven years now, long before she came into the picture. Her husband always treated Musa like a brother instead of his worker. As a result, Musa is almost through with his diploma, and has a job waiting for him in his boss’s company. He ran into his room, grabbed his phone, and tried to call his boss but after a few tries, there was no response.

He sat on the floor of his office with his head lowered. His heart about to burst in flames. Regrets cultivating the soil of his mind like a farmer. “Why? Why did I let this happen? After all my efforts to stay away from that devil. I should have fought a little harder. I should have pushed her out the window and risked jail term. What in hell did she use on me apart from the aphrodisiacs? I’ve lost myself, and now I’m about to lose my wife. He gathered enough strength to carry himself up, pulled his bag off the chair, and headed straight for home.

Series of thoughts ran through his mind as he drove, “how on earth am I going to explain this to Ruby? God forgive me and make for me a way out of this. I made a huge mistake, I’m not that kind of man. Just as he halted for the traffic light, he saw his wife’s car drive by the other side of the road. Apparently, she had left home. He became more restless as he immediately turned his car around and went after her so he could catch up with her and beg her to come back home with him. After making a few turns, it became obvious that she was headed to her parents’ house. He got more worried and hoped she wasn’t going to say anything to them, because they respected him so much and saw him as a man with integrity, for he’s had a few opportunities to leave their daughter but he didn’t.

Just when she got to the last turn to her parents’ house, she went the opposite direction. He wondered where she was headed. He kept following but slowed down a bit until she parked in a motel almost in the outskirts of town. He watched her get out and headed for the entrance, but just as he was about to follow, she hurried back like she forgot something so he hid himself properly. She pressed the unlock button of her car, opened the door and brought out two fat envelopes that look like it contained lots of money. Again he wondered, “what could she be doing here at this time of the night? Could it be that she has decided to stay in this motel because she’s angry with me? Could this be the end of our marriage? No! I won’t allow this to happen. I’m going to do whatever it takes to save this marriage.” Before she reached the entrance of the motel, she made a call, and four minutes later, a lady with a nice figure came out to meet with his wife. Though he couldn’t see her face from where he was hiding, he saw her standing with his wife. They talked for a while, then there seemed to be a little argument between the two. They weren’t audible so he decided to move a little closer. He saw his wife handing over the fat envelopes to the lady. He again moved a little closer to where their faces became a bit more visible and to his greatest astonishment, the lady standing with his wife was none other than his secretary whom she walked in on him with earlier in the office. “am I in a dream?” He said to himself, but before he could approach them, the secretary had already gone back into the motel. His wife, frozen from shock as she turned around to the sight of him standing right behind her stuttered “how, what, did you follow me here?” he responded “what the hell are you doing with this witch?” Oh, so now she’s a witch, right? But you didn’t seem to thinks so while you were busy sleeping with her” she said angrily. “I’m so sorry baby, this has never happened before and will never happen again, I don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry, please, I know this is a lot to ask but I beg of you, if you still have any love left for me, please forgive me and give me a chance to show you how sorry I am” he begged as he held her. “If I still have any love left for you? Really? What in hell did you think I was doing here? Or did you think that I suddenly became friends with the whore you cheated on me with? She promised to stay away if I paid her a certain amount. That was what I came here to do. Now did you think I would be doing this if I don’t have any love left for you? Did you expect me not to feel this hurt after what I just saw?” “Baby please listen to me,” he interrupted, “you didn’t have to pay her nothing. I assure you that what happened was a mistake that will never happen again, let’s go in and get back your money, I promise you, this will never happen again.” “No, I just want to go home.” “Fine, then let me take you home and we can talk about this more. I’ll come back tomorrow to get your car. Just come with me, my car is right behind this building.” “I meant I want to go home… to my mother, just leave me the hell alone, I don’t want you anywhere around me.” She brushed past him and went straight to her car. He followed and grabbed her. She turned around and they gazed eye to eye at each other for a few seconds and for the first time in her life, she saw a tear drop from his eyes, It softened her heart but she turned around, entered her car and drove away. He got to his own car, entered and followed his wife to make sure she gets to her parents’ house safely. All this while, the secretary was watching them through the motel window.

At her parents’ house, he parked, came out of his car and watched her walk to the door. She pressed the doorbell but right before she got a response, she turned around to look at him once again. He looked at her with his heart broken, wishing she would just rush back into his arms, but instead, the door opened and she fell into her father’s arms. Her father held her for a while and then took her in. He got into his car and drove away with his only consolation being the fact that she admitted that she still loved him and even went to the extent of paying that ‘bastard’ off. He found the note she left him as he was about to drop his car keys. He saw how she repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t contact her.

It was 3am and he couldn’t sleep. He was filled with fury and thought of going back to that motel to deal with that witch. How can she destroy my marriage and still collect a huge sum of money from us? He grabbed his keys and dashed angrily out of the house. He started his car and was about to leave, only to be stopped by Musa who refused to open the gate while he tried to calm him down.

Days went by and he tried contacting her to no avail. She wasn’t picking up his calls on the very few occasions her phone wasn’t switched off. Weeks went by and there was still no response. At the end of the third week, he decided to pay her a visit so he drove straight to her parents’ house as he was tired of living without her and he needs to make her understand that. He stood out there for a minute before pressing the doorbell. He heard footsteps heading towards the door and noticed someone trying to look through the peephole. He also noticed the person retracing their steps. Few minutes later, the door opened slowly and standing behind the door was his wife.

He melted at the sight of that beautiful face he’d missed so much. Just as he was about saying something, she beat him to it, “Didn’t you read my note? I asked you not to come looking for me, not to call or even text me but you defied all of that. I really meant it and if I had known you were the one at the door, I wouldn’t have answered. I told you I need sometime away so leave me alone. Now all you’ve done is open fresh the wound that has been trying to heal. You don’t know how difficult this is for me to bear.” “I know” he said, “I once felt the same way so I know exactly how this feels.” Those words seemed to calm her down a little. He continued, “I know, that’s why I came to say I’m sorry, from deep inside my heart, I’m truly am and you know it. I was wrong to do what I did and there’s no excuse to justify it. Three weeks without you is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The house is empty without you and no longer a home. Please forgive me, ease my sufferings and come back home so we can talk about this. I promise it will never happen again.” She knows, and she believes him. But she just wasn’t ready to go back home so she said goodbye and shut the door in his face. He left in utter disappointment hoping to try again another day, for he definitely couldn’t involve her parents due to the nature of the situation.

Half way up the stairs, she met her mother who held her hands and said “It’s been 3 weeks. Don’t you think you have tortured him enough? Even though you’ve refused to tell us what transpired between you two, I know him to be a very good person and I know he deeply regrets whatever mistakes he has made. I also know he loves you so much, so as much as this hurts you, it hurts him too.” “Mom, you know I don’t like talking about this,” she interrupted her mother. “I know, I’m just saying, it’s been three weeks already. That’s not how marriages work. You have to be ready to forgive each other for the mistakes you are likely to make along the line. Nobody is above them and I’m pretty sure there’s been a couple of times he has forgiven you for some mistakes too.” Her mom replied. But she headed up the stairs past her mom saying “mom please, I need to lie down, I told you I’m tired.” “If you continue with this attitude, I’m going to have to invite him over and hear from him.” Her mother said while she walked past her. Just as Ruby was about opening the door to her room, her dad sent for her, she already knew what it was about, she knew she was in for it because she has a soft spot for her dad and all this while, he hasn’t pressured her into saying anything about why she left her husband’s house.

“Good morning dad, you sent for me”. “Have a seat,” her dad said. “Your mom kept repeating that you refused to talk to her about what’s bordering you. Are you ready to talk about what your problem is with your husband yet?” She kept quiet for a while and said, “It’s nothing to worry about dad. We’re fine.” “It’s nothing to worry about? Really? You’ve been away from your husband for close to a month and you are telling me it’s nothing to worry about? Well here’s the deal, you have one week to come forward with whatever is bothering you, or five days to pack your things and go straight back to your husband’s house and settle yourselves. You can leave my room now.” Her father doesn’t mince words, in other words, he doesn’t make empty threats so she knows she’s definitely going home in, or before four days.

It’s been four days after he went trying to get his wife back home from her parents’. He woke up earlier than usual and prepared for work. He leaves early these days since his wife is away and the house became too quiet and empty for him. He drove past the company security and straight to his parking space, took out his bag and a few files from the car and headed for his office. He saw his boss’s car parked and realized that he came in early too. He walked past the secretary’s desk which has been empty since after the day of that incidence. She never returned. “After all, she was payed to stay away” he thought. As he was about to open the door to his office, his boss sent for him so he quickly dropped off the bag he was carrying along with the documents and hurried back to attend to his boss’s call.

He knocked and said “hello sir, you sent for me,” “yes Mr. Adam, come inside” his boss responded. He went in and before he sat down, he asked, “how was your night sir?” “Oh my night was splendid thank you” he said, “it’s about your secretary” on hearing this, Adam’s heart skipped a few beats, his eyes became wider and his body started shaking. He was about to stutter something but his boss continued, “how have you been managing without her? I know it must have been difficult. She submitted her resignation out of the blue about three weeks ago so we will find you a replacement soon, please bear with us.” Adam took some deep breaths. The sigh of relief was so obvious that he couldn’t even respond to his boss immediately and that prompted to his boss asking, “Are you okay? A few colleagues of yours have mentioned you being kind of off these past couple days. Is the work becoming too hectic for you? I can send Mr. Francis over to assist.” “Oh no thank you sir, I can manage, I’ll be fine, thank you for your concern sir,” Adam responded in a hurry on his way out. “Let me know if you encounter any challenge.” His boss added. “I will sir, do have a nice day” he said and hurriedly left the office.

It was 4:00pm and Adam left the office with the intention of going back to his wife’s family house after a shower and a short nap, to try persuading her again. On getting home, he honked and Musa was there to open the gate. As he drove in, to his greatest surprise, he saw his wife’s car parked in her space. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He sped in, parked his car, jumped out in a hurry and asked Musa, “is my wife really inside the house or she just came to return the car?” and he replied, “Oga, Madam dey for house since in the morning ai.”

He dashed inside the house and looked around; he checked their room but she wasn’t in there. She actually moved to another room because she still didn’t want to be in the same room with him. He checked the other rooms one after the other until he came to the last room, it was locked from inside. He knocked and she answered, “what do you want?” “you Ruby, all I want is you” he answered. “But you once had me, you took me for granted and slept with your prostitute of a secretary. So why do you want me now? So you can cheat on me again with the next pretty woman you come across?” He quickly cut in, “for the umpteenth time, that was a mistake I promise I will regret for the rest of my life. I don’t know what came over me, but I’ve learned my lessons. You are my most valuable possession and I almost lost you as a result. Please don’t hate me, life as it is, is already difficult enough for me for causing you this pain. Please open this door and let me hold you once again. Please, please baby, what do I need to do to prove to you how sorry I am?”

She became quiet but he kept on pleading with her until he got tired of standing and sat with his back leaning on the door. She noticed that he has become quiet too after an hour of not hearing any movements, so she opened the door quietly and found him asleep on the floor. She sat on the floor and looked at him for a while, as usual, he looked so tender and innocent when he sleeps. She laid beside him and slowly kissed him on his right eye, which was her usual way of waking him up from sleep. It’s been a while so he thought it was a dream. She kissed him again then suddenly, his eyes were open, he saw her lying close to him and his eyes became teary as he said “I’m sorry baby” “I know” she said as she stared continuously at his sleepy face. He was so glad but wasn’t convinced yet as she hasn’t given him ‘the sign’. He hugged her anyways, but just as he did, she pushed and hit on his chest repeatedly with her small hands saying “don’t ever do that to me.” Now he’s convinced, that was ‘the sign’ that he’s been forgiven. Again, he hugged her, but so tight this time that she started gasping for air before he realized and released the hold a little. He carried her around the house out of joy. He took his bath quickly and they went out for dinner.

It’s been almost a month after their reconciliation, even though a little tension could still be sensed between them at first, everything seems to be back to normal. They are even a little bit closer than they used to be. He was always trying his best to make up for what they’ve lost and get her to trust him again. They went for a two weeks’ vacation in Paris and had to make it back on time to attend Musa’s graduation, whom to their greatest surprise, was among the best graduating students. They all came back happy on that day after a brief picnic by the lake.

They celebrated with bottles of champagne after which Musa was handed his employment letter, the one he was promised and also a cheque of N700,000. He broke down in tears due to lack of words to express his appreciation, as if they’ve not done enough by putting him through school. They treated him like family and he never dreamt of becoming a graduate and working in a big company. They cracked jokes and told a few stories, that was actually Musa’s specialty. While at it, Adam received a text asking to meet in a certain location. This was the third time in two weeks. He decided not to ignore this time so he replied, “who’s this please? And why have you been sending series of texts asking to meet with me?” The sender replied, “This is Eve, your former secretary, I need to see you, it’s urgent please.” On seeing the reply, his expression changed as he tried to supress the sudden anger that has built up inside him. “Is everything okay babe?” his wife asked as she noticed the uneasiness, and he said everything was fine, “it’s just work” and she said “can’t you do it tomorrow? You are trying to ruin our celebration,” “I’m sorry babe, it’s just some documents I forgot to send for approval and they should be due by today.”
He excused himself and went to the rest room to respond to the text as he could no longer control the rage going on inside him. As soon as he got inside the rest room, he locked the door behind him. He dialled the number immediately. Though she was hesitant to pick at first but she picked up after a few beeps, “you still have the guts to contact me after the damage you did to my family, are you insane? If you ever contact me again, I’ll find you, and I’ll destroy you.” Before she could say anything, he cut the call and returned to his wife who was already tired and heading to bed.
He wanted telling her about the texts he’s been receiving but she turned around and said “babe, I’m so tired and sleepy that I don’t even think I can make it to the room.” He smiled and carried her to the room, placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. She was already asleep before he was done. It was 8:54pm, just about time for the news. He wasn’t sleepy so he went back to the sitting room, grabbed the remote and was about tuning to his favourite channel then his phone beeped, it was another text from the secretary, but this time, it sounded a little more serious as it totally got his attention. He read (silently), “I know you have every reason to be mad at me or even want to kill me, but this is about your wife, there’s somethings you really need to know. If you’re interested, meet me at the café opposite McDonalds in 20 minutes.”

He paused for a while and thought to himself, maybe this devil thinks I don’t know about the money my wife paid her to stay away,” then suddenly, he remembered his wife having an argument with her at the motel that night and thought again, “could there be something else?” He finally grabbed his car keys and said to himself “let’s settle this once and for all.” He left a note for his wife to let her know he was heading out just in case she wakes up before he gets back. He entered his car and drove to the café as he wondered what the crazy lady wanted this time.

She saw Adam’s car through the window so as soon as he parked his car, she came out from the café and headed towards him. She looked as radiant as ever and had even gained a few pounds to her weight. But that was insignificant to him at the moment. He got out of his car immediately and before she could reach where he was standing, he yelled out “what in hell is your problem? Why can’t you just stay away? After all the money my wife paid you! Yes, you think I don’t know about your little deal with my wife? I know she paid you a lot of money to stay away if that is what you brought me here to tell me.” She was so calm and that made him wonder. She then said, “I know I messed up pretty bad for what I did to you and there’s no amount of apology that can cut it, that is why I felt the obligation to tell you the truth.” “What you did to me?” he asked, “you didn’t just do it to me, what about my wife? After hurting her so much you still went ahead to extort her by collecting money from her and claiming to stay away.” Once again she calmly said, “I’m afraid this is where you are wrong Adam. I know you have no reason to believe anything I say. Afterall, everything you know about me is a lie. Everything but how I feel about you. You see I really grew to like you so much so I need to let you in on this,” “Don’t even try that rubbish with me” he interrupted again before she could finish, “better leave town if you know what is good for you. I saw her handing you the money the other day at the motel, I was there, so leave and never come back. Just leave us alone.” He said angrily. Then she said “Here’s the deal, please give me a few minutes and listen to what I have to say after which I will leave if you still want me to.” “Fine” he said, “you’ve got only 60 seconds starting now.”
“Okay then” she said, I only did what I was paid to do. The money you saw your wife giving to me was not for me to stay away. It was actually the balance for what she paid me to do. I guess she wanted to get even with you so she paid me to seduce and get you to sleep with me by hook or by crook.” “You must be crazier than I thought” he cut in, but she continued, “I know you won’t believe me, that’s why I came with proofs in form of texts, audios and call records. I still have the transaction records, but I will only show them to you if you want me to.”

This time he was already weak, confused and disappointed by what he just heard, but he wanted to see for himself, so he said to her, “I want to see everything.” She then brought out her phone and played the audio files, some are of them sealing the deal and others are of his wife asking for progress report. She also showed him a series of text, he saw the one in which his wife suggested that she doubles the dose of aphrodisiac she normally applies in his coffee. He also saw the text in which the secretary told his wife that she left the office door open, that was the day she coincidentally walked in on them. “what kind of a person does this?” he thought. It started to drizzle but the raindrops couldn’t conceal the tears in his eyes. She moved closer and tried to hold him saying “I’m really very sorry about everything, I know I don’t deserve it, please forgive me.” But he pushed her so hard that she fell and hit the back of her head on the ground and then he turned around and headed straight to his car.

Just as he was about leaving, he noticed she was still on the ground and she wasn’t moving. He got really scared and thought he had committed murder so he rushed out of his car to check on her. She was really unconscious. He ran to the café and got a few people to help him carry her into the car. “what happened to her?” one of the men asked and he said “I think it’s the rain, she slipped and fell.” As soon as they put her in the car, he sped off to the nearest hospital and was rushed to the Accident and Emergency section.

As soon as he heard the doctor say she’s going to be okay, he turned around to leave, but the doctor refused saying he had to wait. He sat in the room where she was admitted while the doctors did their job. He watched them collect blood samples and fixed her a drip. At a point, he wished she had died. He sat there watching her with a lot of things running through his mind and thinking about what he just discovered. He got so carried away and didn’t even realize when she woke up, all he heard was a faint voice saying “thank you for not letting me die back there even though it’s what I deserve.” He gave her a look of disdain, but just as he stood up, the doctor came in again to check her blood pressure. The doctor read from his report, “she sustained a concussion so keep her away from bright lights for now. She is going to be fine, but the most amazing thing is that the baby is doing just fine and as healthy as it should be.” “Wait, what baby?” he asked looking puzzled. “Oh, you didn’t know? She is three months pregnant. Two months 3 weeks to be precise.” Adam turned around to her in shock looking her straight in the eyes, and in a slightly inaudible whisper, she said, “I was going to tell you.”

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