Entry 33 – Karma – Balogun Stephen

Name: Balogun Stephen
Address: Block F, NASME Barracks, North Bank, Makurdi, Benue State


Karma they say is a bitch
But that is a misconception
Yes, life is that ugly bitch.
You go to great lengths and expanse
But what does it reciprocate?
It doles out heartbreaks remorselessly
Plays you like a violin
Basically? It gives zilch in return.

Not like I’m demanding for too much
All I want is serenity
One that sleeps with beatitude
An existence of absolute triumph
Not to die a failure many times before my death!
Now is that too much to ask?

I think an epitome of unjust is life
Or maybe I’m just a victim of doom
A pained prey
An overstressed marionette
A marionette in life’s puppet show.

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