Entry 34 – the voice again – Ogbu Obinna Kenneth

Name: Ogbu Obinna Kenneth

Address: Iddo Sariki, Abuja.

About myself
Am a student, Athelete and a writer (poem and quote) who’s really determine to achieve his dream. Am a man of principles and an introvert (working on myself to be social).


The tone of my voice
smells away
grabbing the old tone
Yet we die.

No home to build
on a couch we lay awake
Thoughts wandering round and round
We hope to protect
and Strengthen our fathers land.

In vain we watch
our mothers children swim
in great pain
chanting hopefully,

Dieing in starvation
Hands restricted
Legs bound in chains

I have no tears left to cry
Holes in my heart and pains swimming in and out of my brain.

O my nation
When will we sing
the new tone When will our sound make the world gaze..

By dgreat ken


It is raining,
The workers are cleaning up the coat
while the mechanics are staining degrading the coat
how can it be stable?

Our economy and
financial forum are dirty and
mounted on a delicate
geographical entity.

My people are crying
wretchedly bittered by their foes
Killing and flawlessness is now
the other of the day.

Where should we go?
What do they want?
How can we appease them
We plead and cry.

The perpetrators of evil are in camp
gathering hints from the wind
in annihilating the gentiles
we are the martyrs.

Our leaders are silent
with sadness we gather to fight for our right,
our freedom and live our dreams.

Our leaders are autocrats and not democrats
the mechanics are degraders of our constitution
O lord,
We are under your control.

when my nation
will be annex.

By Dgreat Ken.

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