Entry 35 – My brother – Nana Alli

NAME: Nana Alli
ADDRESS: NNPC Quarters kaduna.
ABOUT ME: I don’t see myself as a poet. My poems are a reflection of my emotions. This would be the first time someone that isn’t dear to me would be reading my poem. I would appreciate a well composed criticism. Thank you.

POEM TITLE: My Brother.

He died in his brother’s home,
His brother called him an enemy,
His brother slit his throat,
His brother burnt his honour.

He kissed the hands of the enemy,
He dinned with the enemy,
He called the enemy, his brother
But called his brother, his enemy

Rise up, black people!
You are killing brothers.
Together brothers,
We are the enemies enemy.
So, hold my hand brother,
Let’s defeat the enemies together.

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