Entry 36 – Al’amin Surajo

Name: Al-Amin Surajo
Address: No 6 magaji close ungwan dosa kaduna
About: I’m Alameen, a student from the prestigous university of Ahamadu Bello, studying Bsc(ed) computer, i started my nursery and school at the age of 3, when i turned 6 that time i was in primary 1, my classmate used to laughed at me because i don’t use to talk, sometimes they even used to transferred their blames on me because they knew i can’t talk, and so i used to took the blame and served the punishment and the reason of my silence is that i used to find it difficult when talking. This is where the fashion, the desire of my writing started, i expressed myself better with pencil and paper.


May be it’s not about forever and always!
May be it’s not about unleashing all the feelings at once!
May be it’s not about taking infinity oaths together!
May be it’s not about devouring each other as our heart fluster!
May it’s only about loving you now!
Living every bit of you now!
And seeking you for now!
Because now!
It’s all i have with you!
Because now!
Is all i want to live!.

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