Entry 37 – Saints and Sinners – Arah Ode’esidu Kuseme

Name: Arah Ode’esidu Kuseme
Address: Maccido Royal Estate, Galadimawa
Phone Number: 09052479491


I’m filled with trepidation and my sights filled with red
The world is messed up and that stuff is clear
I was a believer but now am a full blown sinner
I used to be paranoid about burning in hell
In thousands of flames but now I don’t even care
I see the world through a nihilist lens and that gives me rest
Why the hell do you choose to live your life in fear
Or a fairy tale do you believe in the holy ghost
Do you believe Allah or one of those other ghost stories
That society gave you at birth or the nausea you get after having good sex
Then holy father says that you have sinned while his groping little boys on their penis
Hail Mary pray for us sinners
If your God is so smart why does he need intercessors
I thought he’s omniscient
I thought he’s omnipresent
I won’t lie I view religion as some stupid shit that benefits nobody
That only judge’s somebody

I have heard everything you talked about
You said you don’t believe in god that’s fine
Science doesn’t really support your claim but it doesn’t really support my own
Love your neighbor as yourself that’s what my bible wrote
Since I started praying hardly I have never been broke
I have never felt choked
The air is kind of better
There’s miracles everyday
My mama’s feeling okay
I’m on a money movement
I’m raking in more dough
I see my family and friends all enjoying my flow
I used to have tachycardia now I feel really good
My religion gives you the instruments for success
I can proudly raise my shoulders and say the Christ is the best
Better than Krishna
Better than Muhammad
Jesus Christ is the only way
I see him as the truth and the life

Its better I believe in unicorns at least they were all nice
Your religion once encouraged the raping of girls
The stoning of gay men and killing other religions
On the pretext of false gods what if your false god is a false one
What if you’ve all been lied to by a prophet called Moses who used gods backing as a way of lying and just stirring Jews up
40 years in the wilderness he didn’t know the way
Many chapters by that same man who makes me doubt everything the bible stands for
What did Peter and Paul stand for
Paul was a misogynist that saw women as lesser than men
And to an extent he was lgbtqa
The man was asexual that’s why his drive was so low
I won’t listen to a book written by men with minimal education and mental issues
I don’t want to get their right and wrong
I’m done getting advice from a story book
Now I’m older I think reading Enid Blyton was better

You have issues with demonic possession
The devil is speaking through your mouth
You were born blessed with no single defect
That’s the reason you’re so insolent
Don’t you know you should go on your knees
Shout at the top of your lungs
Say Jesus Christ is the lord
Don’t you feel good waking up every day while some people died yesterday
Some couldn’t wake up from their bed
I have nothing to say to you
You are making me really mad
Gay people don’t deserve to live
I swear they all should be killed
Women are below men and should be in the kitchen
Not working their way up in the corporate ladder
She should take care of their children
This generation has lost its way
The trumpet should just blow
Jesus take me to heaven for I am you child
Destroy these sinners with brimstone and fire
While am in heaven singing hallelujah

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