Entry 38 – Will we? – Destiny Bassey


I am a student of English education, in the University of Abuja, I am keenly interested in the literary world, and a great lover of poetry.


The morning sun wept all night long
Drenched in crimson tears for too long
This grapple with posterity
Built pyramids of hostility.
For past sanity
History had shaped our reality.
With holy guns peace was promised
With a flint in our spine change was promised
These white lies laid like white sheet before a virgin`s blood
Lie on, lies are but food.
And I have grown fat and funny
I had laughed at a pony
I had laughed at dusk
I had laughed at our mask

Listen please to the chant, hope! hope!!
Was it hope or veiled hope?
This veiled hope sat in the market place
Confused as Liberian’s internally displaced
At twilight it groped to its fall
A million times it stumbled till a halt
Peter parker picked not a pen but bones
In the four wings of wind-vane he made tomb-stones
My eyes bleeds
And my heart pleads
Will our souls speak?
Will we pick our weapons of words?
Will we write our destinies on crags not slate?
Will we live for life not death?
Will we?

Feign lives, real deaths
I have lived a thousand lives in one
Walked a thousand streets as one
Broke a thousand heart as mine
Burnt bridges for senseless pride
Burnt ashes were my feign feathers
Chasing sublime figures.
As grey reality stoop in wonder
Saying “pretenders! Not bartenders
Fake flirtatious smiles, fake care givers
As fake as natures tenders
Burning brightly as fiery embers
Through a broken lives.

We talk like saints in our sinful prayers
Oblivious to our dirty linen.
They Praise out taintless kaftan*
Unseal our sacred secrets and we will see freedom
So we are mysterious monster
Then feign fantasy shall be nightmares

August 2019

*kaftan it is long garment worn mostly by the northerners

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