Entry 40 – Othuke Umokoro

Othuke Umukoro

47 Boskel Road, Port Harcourt

Bio — Othuke Umukoro is a poet & playwright. His demons have appeared, or are forthcoming in Sunlight Press, Kissing Dynamite Poetry Journal, Brittle Paper, AfricanWriter, Eunoia Review & elsewhere. He is on twitter @othukeumukoro19

the silence of ordinary things or something close to that

behind every successful man is a woman is the
world’s oldest lie

you can ctrl + c & ctrl + v — be(com)ing crackling
fireflies sequestered

behind every successful man is — an ocean ebbing & bottled

a mangrove of brittle birds
groping for the fevered arms
of the charmless sun in a room
that bears the surname of echo

bodies strummed into public places
denied education raped shamed
murdered forced to swallow the blame
that grows between men’s legs

behind every successful man are — stairways leading to
bodies of question marks

forest of worm-eaten trees

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