Entry 41 – color splash – Abdulbasit yusuff

Name: Abdulbasit Yusuff
Address: Gwagwalada, Abuja
Bio: Yusuff Abdulbasit considers himself a budding writer and poet. When he is not talking about football or re-watching the action scenes of blockbuster movies, he writes short poems and sleep.
He writes from Abuja, Nigeria.


Do you not see how the rainbow
wraps her colors in an embrace?
Do you not see how the azure
of the sky
welcomes the golden-yellow of the rising sun?

Come, my friend
let us swim against the currents of
cultural conflict
& flow like tributaries to a confluence

Let our love for one another
surge like the tides at sea level
so we may see at eye level.

Let us dance ashore like the waves
to the symphony of our different tongues
singing in unison like an orchestra

Like seashells and pebbles on the riverbank,
beauty rests on the shores of diversity

Like a canvas with no colours,
a world without a splash of cultures
knows no art.

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